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14 November

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Proposed Local Development Plan and Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report (December 2012)







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The Proposed Local Development Plan together with Strategic Environmental Assessment, Action Programme, other accompanying documents and a range of supporting Supplementary Planning Guidance has been issued for consultation.

These documents were approved by East Renfrewshire Council at its meeting on 12th December 2012. Copies of all documents and response forms have been deposited at the Council's offices, all local libraries and online at


The Proposed Local Development Plan sets out the Council's preferred position in terms of the final content and direction of the Local Development Plan.

Supplementary Planning Guidance has also been prepared to support the Proposed Local Development Plan and provide more guidance on specific policy areas.  These documents are also subject to public consultation alongside the Proposed Local Development Plan.

Following the close of the consultation the Proposed Local Development Plan will be scrutinised under a formal examination process by a Scottish Government appointed Reporter who will examine any outstanding objections to the Plan and make a series of recommendations to the Council.

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