26 August

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Letter received by Councillor Ralph Robertson from ER council :-

Dear Councillor,

Traffic Regulation Order Review 2013

I am writing to update you on the Traffic Regulation Order Review that was promised as part of the process of implementing decriminalised parking enforcement.

You will recall that we indicated that it was our intention to review all the existing waiting and loading restrictions and that our priority would be the commercial areas of Clarkston, Barrhead and Giffnock.  Thereafter other areas will be examined.

The review of the Traffic Orders covering Clarkston has reached a stage where an informal consultation is being carried out between 19 August and 16 September to engage residents, businesses and others on the locations, days of the week and times where it would be appropriate to apply waiting and loading restrictions.  It is hoped that the methodology employed to carry out this review can be rolled out across the Council.  The process is:

*        Internally review the existing waiting & loading restrictions and assess them against information available within the department on parking, traffic flow, speeds, accidents etc.
*        Prepare draft restrictions for discussion.
*        Carry out an informal consultation on the acceptability of the proposed restrictions including:
o       Sending a questionnaire to all frontagers and those within 50 metres of a suggested restriction;
o       Holding an exhibition in the local library;
o       Collating the results of the consultation.
*        Prepare the draft Traffic Regulation Order.
*        Start the formal (legal) process for altering the TRO.

A copy of the documentation that has been sent out covering Clarkston is enclosed to enable you to see our approach at this stage of the review process.

Although I cannot advise you of the detailed programme for the completion of the review, we are providing additional dedicated staff resources to accelerate the process.  In the meantime should you wish to discuss any aspect of the consultation please contact me on extension 3498

Yours faithfully,

Shona Fraser
East Renfrewshire Council Roads Service

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