23 August

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Subject: Traffic Regulation Orders Review 


I refer to recent enquiries as to the progress of the Traffic Regulations' Review for the Council area and the order in which they are being addressed.
As intimated from the commencement of the process our principal aim was to review the regulations within the commercially established areas with those remaining, following on.
It was originally considered that certain review areas would be treated individually and others could be grouped together.

Our order of preference was as follows:
Clarkston and Busby
Giffnock (which included originally the much smaller order area in Thornliebank)
Other areas, likely to be headed by Netherlee.
To date we have significantly progressed the Clarkston and Barrhead Orders.
With regard to the Giffnock area (currently at consultation) which initially included Thornliebank, it became clear early on from our experience with the Clarkston Order, that it would be advantageous to separate these two to prevent progress in the smaller and simpler Thornliebank Order from being held up by likely objections from the Giffnock Order.
Thornliebank however remained a priority due to the level of its commercial activity.

The progressing of the Netherlee review has therefore not been put back from the original order in preference of another area.

I can appreciate the frustration in relation to the timescales associated with these reviews but would assure you that significant progress is being made.

It is possible that if the final two objections to the Clarkston Order are withdrawn the Order could be made in September freeing up resources to progress more speedily the remaining reviews. Failing their withdrawal however a further process involving a hearing may be required adding a further delay.   

Charles Armstrong BSc CEng MICE
Roads and Transportation Manager
East Renfrewshire Council
Roads and Transportation Service
2 Spiersbridge Way
Spiersbridge Business Park
Thornliebank G46 8NG


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