02 April

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Following representation from residents, Netherlee Residents Association would like to respond to the informal consultation on the Netherlee Waiting and Loading Restrictions Review 201.

We would firstly like to acknowledge that the proposal does endeavour to increase the number of parking spaces available on Clarkston Road.

The proposals to update the restrictions on Clarkston Road between Linn Drive/Deanwood Drive and the bus stop north of the Kirkhouse has been well received by many residents. 

There are 2 sections of the road where the proposed restrictions have raised concerns about the impact these could have on residential quality of life.

The 8am – 6pm waiting restrictions proposed between Deanwood Road/ Lynn Drive and Muirend Road (at Sainsbury) are viewed by the residents as significantly more restrictive than what is currently in place. 

The proposal to increase the distance of the double yellow line on the bend of Clarkston Road at the Kirkhouse would remove the option of proximity parking for a number of households.

We understand that safety and traffic flow must also be a consideration. However parking is currently already extremely difficult due heavy congestion in neighbouring side streets.

There are many vulnerable residents (elderly, disabled, families with small children) affected by the proposed changes.

Many have expressed genuine distress and concern over the proposals and we trust that the council will consider the impact that these proposed changes will have on already very concerned residents.

Following our successful meeting last year, The Netherlee Residents Association would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss the informal proposals with the Roads Department to look for ways to address resident’s concerns and provide a better balance towards residential needs.


We would be grateful if you could initially contact Councillor Ralph Robertson regarding possible arrangements for discussion.

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