The Muirend and Netherlee Residents’ Association

  1. Name
    The name of the association shall be 'The Muirend and Netherlee Residents’ Association, hereinafter referred to as “the Association.”
  2. Objectives
    The objectives of the Association shall be:
    1. to promote and safeguard the interests of its members,
    2. to encourage schemes for the improvement of the community in financial and practical terms.
    3. to communicate with members on matters of general local interest and on points of particular interest to sections of the membership.
    4. to make, within the limited resources of the Association, charitable donations.
  3. The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian.
  4. Membership
    Membership shall be open to all houses within the Netherlee ward, in East Renfrewshire. All persons within the said household shall be deemed to be members of the association on payment of the annual Subscription for that household.
  5. Subscription
    The subscription shall be a sum approved by the Annual General Meeting. It shall be paid annually and shall be receipted by the issuing of a Membership Card. Subscriptions shall become due as from 1st April each year and shall be collected by a member of the Committee as soon as practical thereafter. Households who have not paid their subscription by 31st December following the Annual general Meeting shall be considered to have terminated their membership of the Association.
  6. Meetings
    The Annual General Meeting of the members shall be held in the month of April each year. The meeting shall receive a report of the activities of the Committee and an audited financial statement to 31st March. This meeting shall also elect Office Bearers and Committee Members for the ensuing year, as required by this Constitution.
    The management of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in a Committee which shall meet monthly, except during the months of July, August and December.
    Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the Committee when considered necessary. Individual members of the association may request an Extraordinary General Meeting by applying to the Secretary of the Association, in writing, stating therein, the business for which the meeting is desired. Such an application must be supported by the signatures of at least 15 members from separate households. In the event of such a request, the Secretary will be required to convene a meeting within 21 days. Extraordinary Committee Meetings may be called by the Chairman or the Secretary should urgent business arise.
  7. Committee
    The Committee shall consist of up to 21 elected members. Any vacancies occurring on the Committee during the year may be filled by co-opting a member.
  8. Office Bearers
    The Office Bearers shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer each of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. They may seek re-election at the following Annual General Meeting. Any vacancy occurring amongst the Office Bearers may be filled from within the Committee.
  9. Quorum
    At a meeting of the Committee, 5 members, of whom at least one should be an Office Bearer,  will constitute a quorum.
  10. Voting
    At all meetings of the Association, only members whose subscriptions have been paid shall be entitled to vote. Only one member from each household may vote on behalf of the members within that household.
    A motion may be adopted or defeated by a simple majority of those present.
    The Chairman shall have the right to an additional casting vote.
  11. Auditors
    Two auditors, who shall not be members of the Committee, shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
  12. Constitution
    Changes or additions to this Constitution shall only be made at an Annual General Meeting. Any proposed alterations must be advised, in writing, to the Secretary, not later than 15th March, prior to the meeting, and must be agreed by not less than two thirds of the households represented at the meeting.